Dawn DaLuise

Dawn DaLuise claims that a Hollywood movie studio has ripped off her life story. Courtesy Dawn DaLuise

A woman tells Page Six that “Hunger Games” star Elizabeth Banks and a Hollywood movie studio have ripped off her life story — and may be putting her in grave danger by doing so. Now she says she plans to sue.

Beverly Hills “facialist to the stars,” Dawn DaLuise, was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of ordering a hit against a rival beauty guru and spent ten months in prison before being found not guilty of the charges.

She has previously claimed in court papers that two alleged stalkers — “Bling Ring’ leader Nick Prugo and Edward Feinstein — set her up for the arrest.

Elizabeth Banks

She claims that Elizabeth Banks’ character in “Skincare” is based on her. IFC Films

But on Wednesday DaLuise was stunned to see a trailer for “Skincare” — a drama that DaLuise says is clearly based on her story — with Banks starring as Hope Goldman, a Beverly Hills facialist who is plunged into a deadly ordeal involving a rival beauty guru. It was the first she’d heard of the flick.

DaLuise tells us that she has been working with a production company to sell the story for some time, and was on the way to signing a deal with Netflix for a documentary, and she fears the Banks movie may scupper the project.

“It could rob me of my ability to tell my own story,” she told us.

Dawn DaLuise

DaLuise was found not guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against a rival beauty guru. Splash News

But her bigger fear is how “Skincare” may affect her life. Prugo and Feinstein pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor stalking against her, and were sentenced to community service in 2016. And DaLuise says that she has felt safest when she’s been able to use the media to “expose” them.

“The media are my minder and my bodyguard,” DaLuise said, adding that — while she would use her own project to cast a light on the duo’s alleged activities — it’s not clear from the trailer that “Skincare” will name Prugo and Feinstein or even explain their role in the case.

Dawn DaLuise

Nicholas Prugo was a member of the infamous “Bling Ring.” AFP via Getty Images

DaLuise says that since the trailer appeared, she’s been talking to lawyers about her options for going after the filmmakers.

Reps for the studio, IFC Films, and Banks didn’t get back to us.

This article has been updated to clarify the outcome of the criminal proceedings against Prugo and Feinstein.


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