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The Most Dangerous Day in the History of Our Country in Our Lifetimes

John Lucas Substack ^

| 30 May 2024
| John Lucas

Posted on 05/30/2024 5:37:37 PM PDT by Rummyfan

“I can play the game; just tell me the rules.”

As the world now knows, former President Trump was convicted today of 34 criminal charges. It was a shameless political verdict shaped by an unscrupulous prosecutor, aided by a corrupt and incompetent judge, and rendered by a jury that supposedly considered six weeks of testimony and 55 pages of complex jury instructions, and then deliberated for one day.

These are small minds, who do not give a flying fig leaf for the good of the Country. They and those gleefully cheering the result do not care about the damage that they have done to the nation. Some, although not all, doubtlessly lack both the intellect and a knowledge of history and human nature to recognize the fuse they have lit. And the fact that some are well known public figures does not mean that the foregoing does not apply to them. It applies to government officials of every stripe – congressional representatives, attorneys general and prosecutors, lying CIA and FBI grandees, and to the platoon of pygmies in that New York courtroom.

I weep for my Country. Not because one man was convicted, but because this New York judge, jury and prosecutors have flung this Country into a downward spiral from which we may never recover. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I am not.

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Emphasis mine. I weep too.

posted on 05/30/2024 5:37:37 PM PDT
by Rummyfan

To: Rummyfan

I am out of words. My anger is not quieted. Words will not satisfy it.

posted on 05/30/2024 5:41:37 PM PDT
by Sequoyah101
(The Government that got us in this mess is not the Government that can get us out of it.)

To: Rummyfan

Anyone who read history knows where this leads. A downward spiral is a proper description. If they can make up laws on the fly against Trump what chance does anyone one of us have if they want to shoehorn charges against their opposition?

posted on 05/30/2024 5:43:14 PM PDT
by griswold3
(Truth, Beauty and Goodness. )

To: Rummyfan

All I can say is I hope something good comes of this. In 2016 we saw the democrats lie endlessly about Russian collusion, servers in bathrooms, no reasonable prosecutor, FBI lying and nothing happened. The 2020 election was stolen in the middle of the night, and nothing happened. 1400 patriots were tossed in jail on Jan 6, tortured, starved, held without bail, and many of them innocent and nothing happened. Trumps home was raided by the FBI and nothing happened. Trump was convicted of 34 made up crimes……What’s next?

posted on 05/30/2024 5:44:41 PM PDT
by Jonny7797

To: Sequoyah101

i agree. I agree. I agree.

posted on 05/30/2024 5:44:52 PM PDT
by Rummyfan
(In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.)

To: Rummyfan

“The Most Dangerous Day in the History of Our Country in Our Lifetimes”

It is a bad day, but that’s a terrible title. Is it the most dangerous day in the history of our country, or just our lifetimes?

It is like saying, This is the most Expensive lunch in the history of mankind, that was purchased by me, today, at lunch. So, yeah, all true, but what’s your point?

posted on 05/30/2024 5:45:35 PM PDT
by Wayne07

To: griswold3

‘ A downward spiral is a proper description.“

What should not be forgotten is that we have been in this downward spiral for decades now. In fact, today the downward spiral may just have hit the rocks at the bottom.

An iron curtain of tyranny has descended onto America. And the only way out of it is most likely through the valley of the shadow of death.

To: Rummyfan

Our Republic lasted a short while. It’s on life support and I don’t think it will make it past 2025.

My sincere apologies Mr. Franklin.


posted on 05/30/2024 5:53:08 PM PDT
by M Kehoe
(Quid Pro Joe and the Ho have got to go. )

To: Rummyfan

posted on 05/30/2024 5:54:58 PM PDT
by cuz1961

To: Rummyfan

If you have ever served on a jury, then you know these truths.
For a jury to reach a decision on each count in under 20 minutes a count, there was no deliberation. ( that’s not counting bathroom breaks, lunches, or New Yorkers propensity to argue) I’ve been on a jury with a DUI at issue where no facts were disputed and it was over 2 hrs on the only issue as each person spoke their turn. And then it was a hung jury 11-1 (not me). The one person didn’t like the police and was convinced the breathalyzer was rigged. The problem in the future is no perceived justice in the courts leads to street justice, and that isn’t a good place to be.

posted on 05/30/2024 5:58:12 PM PDT
by Waverunner

To: Rummyfan

I’m angry enough to go from “Buy American” to “Boycott American”. This country has become everything it pretends to stand against, and I don’t see any reason to support it. I’ll make an exception for red states when I can.

One side is trying to destroy the country. The other side is too addicted to the leftist propaganda posing as entertainment and same day delivery on communist made junk to do anything about it like, well, maybe find alternatives? Neither side deserves any support.

posted on 05/30/2024 5:58:46 PM PDT
by TwelveOfTwenty
(Will whoever keeps asking if this country can get any more insane please stop?)

To: TwelveOfTwenty

posted on 05/30/2024 6:06:42 PM PDT
by bankwalker
(Repeal the 19th …)

To: Scott from the Left Coast

I heard Thomas Wolfe say we lost this country when the Ten Commandments were removed from the town square. We have no guidepost, no direction for society. We’ve been fighting the good fight and now the Left has put us on notice. The End justifies the Means, don’t get in our way.
I say, Hold my beer!

posted on 05/30/2024 6:12:49 PM PDT
by griswold3
(Truth, Beauty and Goodness. )

To: Waverunner

“ For a jury to reach a decision on each count in under 20 minutes a count, there was no deliberation. ”

Important observation.

posted on 05/30/2024 6:15:40 PM PDT
by ifinnegan
(MDemocrats kill babies and harvest their organs to sell)

To: Waverunner

posted on 05/30/2024 6:18:03 PM PDT
by laplata
(They want each crisis to take the greatest toll possible.)

To: Rummyfan

Next stop, the Manhattan appeals court.

I’m sure President Trump will get a fair shake.

posted on 05/30/2024 6:18:44 PM PDT
by Drew68

To: bankwalker

I have gone Gault+ for three years. We converted all retirement accounts to cash from stock funds so no earned income other than the piddly interest on a checking account and the $670 a month I get from Social Security

We take any welfare or assistance we can qualify for. I refuse to work, or pay taxes. I won’t buy American products if I have choice. I don’t deal with American companies if I can avoid them. I am not going to support the US until shitocrats are lawfully executed.

posted on 05/30/2024 6:19:21 PM PDT
by Fai Mao
(The US government is run by pedophiles )

To: griswold3

It will be interesting times ahead. The names of jurors, witnesses, doxing of them and judges and lawyers will make life fairly untenable for the commies. Bidens going to end up selling his publicized properties and homes along with all associated with the trial an verdict will have to be watching their backs constantly. Yes oh yes, interesting times.

To: Drew68

posted on 05/30/2024 6:23:43 PM PDT
by griswold3
(Truth, Beauty and Goodness. )

To: Drew68

posted on 05/30/2024 6:29:22 PM PDT
by laplata
(They want each crisis to take the greatest toll possible.)

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