In a major setback for the users, damaged

sea cables

resulted in

internet disruption



, reported ARY News on Friday.
The fibre optic cable linking Singapore to Pakistan and Europe was found damaged from several points
Five cuts on the fibre optic submarine cable, according to sources close to the situation, significantly disrupted internet services, especially those that were routed from the east.

It is projected that the restoration process will take approximately one month to fully return the fibre optic cable to its original state.

However, eastward traffic was majorly disrupted by both Transworld and


(Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).
Less than 10 per cent of internet traffic originates from the east, and Pakistani users have complained about difficulty accessing the internet, especially at night.
PTCL has switched internet traffic from the eastern direction to other channels in an effort to lessen the effects. Users may still encounter difficulties until the fibre optic line is completely fixed.


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