April 19th, 2024, 07:11 pm


The Worst Chris Demolished An Historic MCM Home, Plans To Build Bland Pinterest Vomit Hole

“…Chris Pratt and wife Katherine Schwarzenegger quietly bought then razed the 74-year-old Zimmerman House by Southern California modernist architect Craig Ellwood with plans to build a 15,000-square-foot residence in the increasingly ubiquitous, though contentious [modern farmhouse] style. As first published by Robb Report, the couple reportedly paid $12.5 million in an off-market sale for the midcentury house in Brentwood, which marked one of Ellwood’s earliest projects. They also tore up all of modernist legend Garrett Eckbo’s original landscaping, effectively turning the nearly one-acre lot into one flat slab.

…Nonprofit Save Iconic Architecture called the demolition “devastating” in an Instagram post, with at least one commenter likening the couple’s choice to “buying a Rothko for the frame.” The architectural preservation advocacy group’s cofounder, interior designer Jaime Rummerfield, says she more than understands the internet’s collective disgust, likening it to “an endangered animal that just got poached again” and saying that it’s “neglectful” for architect Ken Ungar, who’s been commissioned to build the couple’s new modern farmhouse-style mansion, to not even attempt to incorporate the existing structure into their vision. “Shame on them for not wanting to keep something so special,” she adds.”

For reference, the architect they hired specializes in these soulless things:

Fuck those idiots. I now officially hate him.

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