• The Tu Cam Thanh flower garden as seen from the balcony of the second floor of Kien Trung Palace (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • A performance of Hue royal court music on the steps of Kien Trung Palace (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • Foreign visitors exploring Kien Trung Palace (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • The unique beauty of porcelain enamel attracts special attention from tourists. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • An overview of Kien Trung Palace from the Southern Imperial City of Hue (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • The living room in Kien Trung Palace, with European-style décor (Photo: VNP/VNA)

  • European-style arched doorframes combined with Hue royal court porcelain enamel (Photo: VNP/VNA)


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