Sheila Carter Is Alive on 'The Bold & The Beautiful,' Twist Revealed Thanks to Corpse's Toes

The latest episode of the CBS soap opera series The Bold and the Beautiful ended with a pretty surprising reveal, though a lot of fans already predicted it would happen.

The character Sheila Carter was presumably killed by Steffy in a recent episode, but we just learned that the woman who was killed wasn’t actually Sheila.

For those who don’t know, Sheila is considered to be one of daytime televisions most popular villains and she has been portrayed by Kimberlin Brown for years.

So, how did we learn Sheila wasn’t killed?

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It all happened as the body of the deceased woman was being sent to the crematorium. Deacon went to say his goodbyes to Sheila and he noticed that the body has all ten toes… and Sheila only has nine toes. She had cut one of her toes off years ago to convince people she had been attacked by a bear.

Now we know that Sheila wasn’t actually killed and she is alive, but where is she?!

This appears to be the mystery that will unfold on Bold in the coming weeks and months.

Read what Kimberlin previously shared about her presumed exit from the show.


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