We all have our favorite writing instruments, be it an heirloom fountain pen or even a number 2 pencil. You’ll probably just stuff the latter in drawers or leave them strewn on your desk, but the pen that has been with you for years is something you’ll probably want to show off while keeping it within easy reach. Pen stands exist for that exact purpose, but some of them try to compete with the pen for attention. They have extravagant and luxurious designs that defeat the intention of putting your favorite pen on a pedestal. That’s the trap that this tiny pen stand tries to avoid by practically removing all non-essential features that prevent you from showing off your trusty writing partner.

Designer: Kairi Eguchi

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What stand could be simpler than an upright cylinder with a whole in the middle that’s just enough to fit a single pen? After all, a pen stand’s purpose is to hold the writing tool for easy access while showing it off when not in use. Anything else is just excess and waste that burdens the product both visually and functionally. That’s the kind of minimalist design that this small and simple stand embraces, but that doesn’t mean it’s a plain and boring desk accessory. In fact, it is ironically one of the most beautiful pen stands around, especially if you favor minimalist designs.

Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the stand’s diminutive size. At only 52.5mm (around 2 inches) tall, it has just enough space to hold a small portion of the pen, leaving the majority of the barrel unobstructed and free for everyone to behold. Despite its small size, however, the stand is able to, well, stand without tipping over due to the weight of the pen. In fact, the stand itself tilts a little bit to one side, an intentional design that makes it easier to pull out the pen quickly when you need to jot something down.

The trick to the Centroid Stand’s unbelievable feat is in its construction, which also accounts for its two-tone color finish. The top half of the stand is made from polished aluminum which gives it a stylish luster, while the lower half is made from heavier copper that shifts the center of gravity lower, making it more stable regardless of its tilt or the weight of the pen that it holds. These two dissimilar materials, joined together using a friction welding process, give the stand a rather distinct flavor, one that is both playful and elegant at the same time. Copper also develops a unique patina over time, adding to the stand’s character as it grows old with you.

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Beautiful in its simplicity and ingenious in its functionality, this ultra-minimalist pen stand offers a perfect view of the writing instrument that it holds. Due to its minimalist design, it is the perfect complement to equally minimalist pen designs, such as the Everlasting All-Metal Pencil that will last as long as this unconventional stand. It is a glowing example of how simple designs, when done right, can exude a kind of beauty that gently draws your eyes without distracting from the attention that your favorite pen or pencil rightfully deserves.

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