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Posted on Mar 11, 2024   Updated on Mar 11, 2024, 4:07 pm CDT

Purchasing beauty items can be an intensely personal experience. Some shoppers have used the same staple products for years, finding them to be an integral part of their day-to-day routine for many years. Others are constantly on the hunt for the newest and best across many categories.

One Ulta shopper says that in her time shopping for products in-store, employees speaking negatively about a perfume she was interested in nearly caused her to change her mind about purchasing it.

In the video posted to TikTok by user @nikkiswerve, she says she planned to purchase Kylie Jenner’s new perfume at Ulta when she overheard employees talking about it.

“I thought it smelled so good, and in the store the workers were like, ‘Oh my god. Did you smell the new Kylie Jenner perfume? Like, it’s disgusting, it’s terrible,’” she says in the video. “I almost put it back because I was embarrassed that I was getting it after I heard them all saying it’s so terrible, it smells like rubbing alcohol, but I really like it.”

She says she ultimately ended up purchasing the perfume, despite the way the store employees made her feel about it.

“I sprayed myself. I still like it,” she says. “It smells like a nice summery, candy, light—I feel like I could layer it with the vanilla one. I don’t know, I really liked it, and I thought the little was so cute, so I got it, and I’m really excited about it. I feel like it’s the perfect summer scent. … Spring and summer are coming up. I can picture myself putting it on before going to the beach. I really liked it, so I was embarrassed getting it after they all sh*t talked it. But I still got it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @nikkiswerve via TikTok direct message as well as to Ulta via email regarding the video.

@nikkiswerve Do you guys like the new Kylie Jenner Cosmic perfume??? Let me know pls #ulta #ultahaul #kyliejenner #cosmic #kyliejennercosmic #cosmicperfume #haul #makeuphaul #billieeilishperfume #nars #morphe ♬ original sound – nikki

Several viewers encouraged the poster’s choice to follow through on buying the perfume, writing that they were disappointed in the way the employees reportedly spoke about a new product.

“As a sephora employee we’d never judge the fragrance your thinking about buying,” one commenter wrote.

“No but the Kylie perfume is soooooo good!” another commenter wrote. “Don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed for liking what you like!”

“Give you props for buying it!” a commenter wrote. “That’s good that you didn’t care what people had to say.”

A few viewers shared that they had similar experiences previously while shopping for perfume, with shop employees judging their preferences in products.

“Something similar happened when I asked for a Kim k perfume,” one commenter wrote. “The worker tried to convince me into buying a completely different perfume (coach) even though I specifically asked her for the Kim k one.”

“They did the same to me w an older I think it was either Kim or Kourtney perfume they said it was gross so I went and ordered online lmaooo,” another commenter wrote.

“You get what you like and Ulta employees should be minding their business their job is to sell stuff and not for opinions,” a commenter wrote.


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*First Published: Mar 11, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT

Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg is a freelance writer for the Daily Dot. She graduated with her Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020.

Brooke Sjoberg


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