It’s not often that instead of getting to look inside just one exceptional wardrobe, we get to explore two, but not only do sisters Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg work together as the brains behind jewellery brand Otiumberg, but they’re next-door neighbours too. For the Wollenbergs, life and business are a family affair, growing up mere streets away from their current adjacent houses (where their parents are still only a walk around the corner), and it isn’t unusual to find Christie’s husband pitching in at Otiumberg HQ or her cat Chico curled up in Rosanna’s kitchen.

For those who had thought that Otiumberg was their surname, you’re half right—there is a familial connection, but there’s also more behind the title. “It took us a long time to come up with the name,” recalls eldest sister Christie. “We didn’t want it to be a namesake brand, but wanted to incorporate the “berg” as we’re sisters.” So it makes sense to preface it with “Otium” from the Latin meaning “leisure time devoted to an artistic endeavours and enjoyment”, given just how much time the duo have devoted to building the brand from the ground up, with the sole purpose of creating a conscious approach to jewellery design that the sisters both highly value. While both had 9-to-5 jobs in luxury fashion and branding, evenings and weekends were spent conceptualising Otiumberg as a new approach to demi-fine jewellery, and now they get to reap the rewards. With major stockists like MATCHESFASHION and Liberty, collaborations with Camilla and Marc, and some seriously A-list clients under their belts, you might think that 2024 will be the year that the sisters get to sit back, but instead they have plans for growth.

We catch Christie and Rosanna on a Monday morning post school-run and before heading out to strategy meetings to ask them not only about the contents of their jewellery boxes, but their wardrobes too. (And hint: both share the same effortlessly elegant aesthetic that manages to be both anti-trend and up-to-date, so be prepared to take notes). Keep scrolling to find out the sister’s favourite fashion icons, approach to feel-good dressing and why keeping it in the family is so important.

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Photo: Phill Taylor; Christie wears Kitty Cooper dress and jumper, Camilla and Marc boots. Rosanna wears Raey cardigan, Camilla and Marc trousers, Zara shoes. Both wear Otiumberg jewellery.)

After living in different countries and travelling the world, you chose London as the home of Otiumberg. How has returning to the capital setting up a brand and influenced your style?Christie: London for us has always been such a great source of inspiration, from the friends that surround the brand, to the women we pass on the street. There is such a diversity and unique blend of social influences that will forever keep us energised. I guess that’s what always drew us back to the city after having both lived internationally in our twenties.

Rosanna: Yes, London has always allowed us to be ourselves and wear what we feel good in. There is a sense of an understated and democratic style that allows for you to mix high and low fashion in a way that feels effortless and cool. We’ve always loved and responded to that. It’s more about you and how the clothes make you feel.

Does working together in a family business set Otiumberg apart from other brands?

R: We try not to compare ourselves to other brands, but what we can say is that we really could not imagine doing it with anyone else. There is such a deep understanding and trust of each other that allows us to have direct and honest conversations all the time. As sisters we have a second sense as to where the other one is at, and importantly, to be able to offer support when needed without being asked, whether that’s professionally or emotionally. It’s not easy growing a business and so this bond has been integral to us as we navigate that journey.

C: And from a design and aesthetic standpoint, having grown up together in London with the same visual references, means that we share an aesthetic that allows us to work independently towards a shared vision.

Otiumberg was established in 2016 and was the first time “demi” fine jewellery was explored as a category, making precious stones and metals accessible to a new generation who wanted to invest in quality jewellery. How important was this for you and how does it speak to the heritage and values of the brand?

C: Our approach to crafting jewellery was born from a personal desire to create beautiful, responsible, and attainable jewellery that at the time of launch we simply could not find. Back in the day we were surrounded by inaccessible fine jewellery or poor-quality high-street options, and neither of those satisfied our desire for what we actually wanted to wear.

R: Yes, Otiumberg was, and very much remains, a very personal reflection in jewellery and to this day we will not launch anything that we ourselves wouldn’t wear on repeat. With that said, rather than speaking to only a young audience, we speak to a wide range of women who love jewellery as a means of self-expression and who seek considered, timeless designs that have been crafted with meaning and care. It’s ageless and inclusive, and that’s the real joy of jewellery.

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Photo: Phill Taylor; Christie wears Loulou Studio blazer, Kitty Cooper trousers, Marni sandals)

How did the changes during lockdown affect running a business? And what did you learn about Otiumberg in that reflective period?

C: Over the pandemic we saw the business grow by 80% which was incredibly encouraging during an otherwise challenging time for a lot of us on the team. We achieved this by being nimble and flexible, such as Rosanna picking and packing every single order from the safety of her home, to the team introducing virtual appointments to keep in touch with our clients. We really pulled together as a team and made sure that we had a positive daily experience working.

R: During such an unstable time, our customers wanted to invest in pieces that held longevity that they could wear everyday on repeat and feel good. We also saw an increase in gifting from customers who wanted to remain connected with, and supportive of, others. So, whether that was popping on some gold hoops with your pyjamas for the weekly zoom calls or sending a personalised piece to a friend for her birthday, we were there for them. It’s so wonderful to think that we brought joy to people over that period, and equally we are so grateful for the support they showed us as a business.

As fashion plays an integral role in jewellery design, what are your earliest fashion memories?

C: Oh, it would have to be something from the 90’s and early 00’s , like wearing skirts over trousers, or parachute pants and kilts.

R: Cowboy boots when they were in fashion the first time around! I distinctly remember borrowing (perhaps at times stealing) Christie’s black cowboy boots, and I’m so pleased to see them come back into fashion again.

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Photo: Phill Taylor; Rosanna wears Alex Eagle top, Frankie Shop skirt, Hereu shoes. Christie wears Loulou studio blazer, Kitty Cooper trousers, Marni sandals.)

If we looked through your wardrobe on any given day, what could we expect to find?

C: I have three children so I’m extremely busy day to day running from the school run to the studio and home again. That’s why I try to keep my wardrobe refined down to well-crafted staples that I can live in on repeat and that tend to suit any occasion. You’ll also rarely find me in white as that tends to get dirty very quickly with a three-year-old on the scene!

R: My style can at times be eclectic and at times classic, I don’t stick to any rules when it comes to clothing and really enjoy mixing it up. So on any given day you’ll see a mixture of oversized shirts and tailored suits alongside some more colourful pieces whether that’s a Mara Hoffman dress or a Rejina Pyo blouse.

What clothing brands best represent your style? And how has that changed since you were younger?

C: There are certain brands I go to when I need to top up my wardrobe staples. Each season I always buy Toteme and COS ribbed tank tops which I live in. I love Tibi trousers and treated myself to some Khaite jeans in the sale recently which have been a great investment. I like to keep things simple and prefer to invest in classic pieces in timeless, muted tones. I’ve always loved going to second hand designer shops too, and I found an incredible opening ceremony silver reversible jacket and a beautiful Kenzo top in Notting Hill recently which were both well under £100.

R: I love a lot of brands but lately Malene Birger’s minimal approach and layered styling really resonates. Other brands I love are Raey for their oversized forms and versatile well-crafted basics alongside The Frankie Shop. Whenever we’re in Paris we’ll always pop there to snap up some of the latest pieces which are always so on point and great value. I’ve never really thought much about personal style or labels but always worn clothes that make me feel good, confident, and comfortable.

What style lessons have you learned from your sister?

R: That oversized is sexy.

C: That a skirt over trousers has always been cool.

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Phill Taylor)

Whilst it is always so exciting to see your jewellery on celebs, what gives us the most thrill is when you are on the tube and spot someone wearing our ring, or at a restaurant and someone is on a date wearing your earrings. I absolutely love that and always text the team!

Rosanna Wollenberg

Who are your style icons?

C: Like most women our age, we have both always loved what Phoebe Philo brought to Celine. She really echoed how we saw ourselves as young women and how we wanted to wear clothes. Her collections gave us practicality and beauty on an equal billing, and pieces that were refreshingly devoid of the male gaze.

R: Chloë Sevigny is also very much up there for me when it comes to self expression. She is the epitome of cool.

Your jewellery has been worn by celebrities, actors, and models and you’ve launched popular collaborations with the likes of Camilla and Marc, but what is your proudest “pinch me” moment?

R: A recent incredible moment was being featured on the double front cover of British Vogue last year. Our pieces were styled on Emma Watson and Amber Valetta, women we truly admire for their work and sustainability advocacy. That was such an exciting and rewarding surprise. Whilst it is always so exciting to see your jewellery on celebs, what gives us the most thrill is when you are on the tube and spot someone wearing our ring, or at a restaurant and someone is on a date wearing your earrings. I absolutely love that and always text the team!

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Photo: Phill Taylor; Rosanna wears Ganni suit, Miista shoes)

What does a typical day look like for you and how do your roles differ? What does this require from your wardrobes?

C: I’m with the kids in the morning getting them ready for school—it’s almost always my eldest thats up first (together with the cat) at around 5.45/6am. Once they’re out of the house at school and my smallest is at nursery, I head to the office. I have about 5 minutes to decide what to wear in the morning, so I always choose well-cut but loose fitting clothes like trousers and jumpers. I’m most myself when wearing practical and comfortable clothing, but I’m always wearing different jewellery.

My kids think I’m mad as often I come back with rings on every finger and earrings in all my 8 piercings, and that differs daily. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves so a big part of the job is to wear-test and see how I feel in them. Our jewellery is practical and becomes your second skin so I personally need to understand how I would wear every piece. I never wear heels or boots, trainers only. Running a business is so fast paced, exhilarating and requires serious hard work and non-stop thinking, so I need clothing that allows me to breathe and feel free to create, rather than tight and restrictive in any way.

R: My day is spent at the studio, around town at meetings or set for a shoot. With that said, I also tend to keep things simple and comfortable. You’ll rarely see me in heels but rather trainers or small slingbacks. My role at Otiumberg as Head of Brand is so varied, from managing our responsibility programme and B Corp progress, to overseeing the image and tone of the brand across our channels. Every day is so different and that’s what I love most about running a business.

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Phill Taylor)

Our jewellery is practical and becomes your second skin, so I personally need to understand how I would wear each and every piece.

Christie Wollenberg

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

C: Probably my Kitty Cooper oversized cream jumper, Khaite jeans and my brown Camilla and Marc boots.

R: We’re also both obsessed with our high neck tank tops from our friend Alex Eagle. They make you feel amazing, and the high neck works well with our necklaces. So, it would be that along with an oversized shirt and some jeans for me. It’s an outfit you can easily dress up and down whilst feeling comfortable and stylish.

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe that are particularly sentimental to you, and why?

C: I have several beautiful Louis Vuitton and Burberry pieces from my time working at those fashion houses and they each speak to a very specific time in my life and career which brings me joy and so many great memories. I have a trench coat that I gifted to my granny from Burberry which is a very special piece to me also.

R: Most of my sentimental pieces are jewellery including a beautiful Greek keystone ring from my grandmother. With that being said, I have a deep love for some of the incredible vintage pieces I have picked up along the way that remind me of certain times in my life. I have a vintage Vivienne Westwood top that I found whilst living in NYC in my twenties which brings me a lot of joy and nostalgia. My sister and I always mark our Paris work trips with a visit to the amazing vintage store Bobby, and I have some incredible pieces I love from there which remind me of those trips and the fun we have together. 

best wardrobes in britain

(Image credit: Photo: Phill Taylor; Christie wears Opening Ceremony jacket, Frankie Shop trousers, Nicole Saldana boots)

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

R: “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success”. That has always resonated with me and encouraged us to grow steadily and slowly with patience and commitment. We have always strived to build a strong foundation for the business focussing on quality and authenticity over placing too much importance on extreme growth targets and revenue, and so Otiumberg has always been a long term and very personal vision.

C: That there is no such thing as a perfect work/life balance. I actually think I’ve had to learn that myself the hard way rather than be told. It’s unrealistic and ok to not be the perfect mother or the perfect founder sometimes, but to simply do the best you can do in that moment.

What’s next for Otiumberg?

R: We recently acquired B Corp status which was exciting for the team after a lot of hard work. We are now looking ahead at how we can keep improving as a business and become more responsible. Other than that, we are exploring bricks and mortar this year so that our community can come and discover the collection with ease. Stay tuned!

C: And, so many more beautiful designs are coming out this year, so I’m excited to launch them and to see how they’re worn in the real world!

Thanks for having us, Christie and Rosanna!


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