Brent Celek is a former NFL player who has made a name for himself both on and off the field. With his successful career in professional football and his smart financial moves, Celek has amassed significant wealth over the years. In this article, we will explore Brent Celek’s net worth, salary, career earnings, assets, investments, financial status, and more.

As of 2021, Brent Celek’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. The majority of his wealth comes from his long and successful NFL career. During his peak years, Celek earned an annual salary of approximately $4 million, contributing to his impressive net worth.

Brent Celek Net Worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Brent Celek’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.
  • He earned most of his wealth from his successful NFL career.
  • Celek had an annual salary of approximately $4 million during his peak years.
  • His smart financial moves and investments have contributed to his financial success.
  • Brent Celek’s net worth showcases his financial stability and wealth accumulation as a result of his NFL career and financial acumen.

Early Life and Education

Brent Celek, born on January 25, 1985, in Cincinnati, Ohio, had a humble upbringing that greatly influenced his future success. Growing up, he developed a passion for football, which he would later pursue at both the high school and collegiate levels.

Attending La Salle High School, Celek showed exceptional talent on the field, earning recognition for his skills as a tight end. His dedication and hard work during this time laid the foundation for his future career in football.

After high school, Celek continued his football journey at the University of Cincinnati, where he played for the Bearcats. His time at the university further honed his skills and solidified his passion for the sport. Celek’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement became evident, setting the stage for his future success.

The Importance of Education

While Celek’s early life was deeply intertwined with football, education remained an essential aspect of his journey. Recognizing the value of a well-rounded education, Celek prioritized his academic pursuits alongside his athletic commitments.

By balancing his studies with his athletic endeavors, Celek exemplified the importance of discipline, determination, and strong work ethic. This commitment to both academics and sports became a defining characteristic of his early life.

Building a Strong Foundation

During his early years, Celek’s background played a significant role in shaping his character and work ethic. His upbringing taught him valuable lessons about resilience, determination, and the importance of community.

“It was my family and my community that instilled in me the values of hard work and perseverance. They believed in me and supported me throughout my journey,” Celek reflects.

These formative experiences laid the groundwork for Celek’s future achievements, creating a strong foundation on which he would build his extraordinary career in the NFL.

The Journey Ahead

The early life and educational experiences of Brent Celek demonstrate the influential factors that contributed to his future success. From a young age, Celek displayed exceptional talent and a strong passion for football, fueled by a supportive family and community.

As the next section of this article explores Celek’s career, we will delve into the pivotal moments and achievements that propelled him to NFL stardom.


Brent Celek’s NFL career began in 2007 when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round of the NFL Draft. He quickly made an impact, showcasing his skills as a reliable tight end known for his exceptional blocking and receiving abilities. Celek’s versatility and dedication to the game made him a valuable asset to the Eagles’ roster for 11 seasons.

During his time with the Eagles, Celek experienced many highs and lows, but perhaps his most significant moment came in 2017. He played a critical role in the team’s historic Super Bowl-winning campaign, contributing to their victory with his performance on the field.

After a successful NFL career, Brent Celek decided to retire in 2018. His retirement marked the end of an era for the Philadelphia Eagles and gave him the opportunity to reflect on his accomplishments and transition to the next phase of his life.

Brent Celek Super Bowl

Notable Achievements

  • Key player in the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl win.
  • Established himself as a reliable tight end known for his blocking and receiving skills.

“Playing in the NFL was a dream come true, and winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles was the pinnacle of my career. I’m proud of what I accomplished on the field and grateful for the memories.” – Brent Celek

Personal Life

Brent Celek’s personal life is an important aspect of his identity, alongside his successful football career. Family is a significant part of Brent’s life, with three brothers who have provided support and companionship throughout his journey.

“Family is everything to me. I cherish the bond I have with my brothers, and they have played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today,” Brent shared.

In 2010, Brent Celek tied the knot with his long-time partner, Susie Celek, in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. The couple’s love and commitment have been the foundation of their relationship, as they navigate the challenges and joys of life together.

Brent and Susie have been blessed with two children, bringing immeasurable joy and fulfillment to their lives. Parenthood has allowed Brent to experience a different kind of love and responsibility, as he embraces the role of a supportive and loving father.

“Being a father has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture and guide my children as they grow,” Brent shared.

Brent Celek’s personal life exemplifies the values of love, commitment, and family. His dedication to his brothers, his marriage to Susie, and his role as a proud father shape the person he is both on and off the field.

Brent Celek family

Real Estate

Aside from his successful NFL career, Brent Celek has also made strategic investments in real estate. In 2008, he purchased a stunning mansion in Haddonfield, New Jersey, for just over $1.5 million. The property, boasting five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, offered luxurious living spaces and state-of-the-art amenities.

However, in 2012, Brent Celek decided to put his beloved home on the market, seeking a buyer who would appreciate its unique features. With a listing price of $2.1 million, the property garnered considerable attention from potential buyers looking for a prestigious and luxurious residence.

Brent Celek house

Property Details Description
Location Haddonfield, New Jersey
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 7
List Price (2012) $2.1 million

Brent Celek’s foray into real estate demonstrates his astute financial planning and investment prowess. By capitalizing on opportunities in the property market, he has diversified his portfolio and secured his financial future.

Philanthropy Work

In 2011, Brent Celek embarked on a journey to make a positive impact through his philanthropic efforts. He founded the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for children in need.

The foundation focuses on various charitable initiatives, aiming to empower underprivileged youth and nurture their potential. Through partnerships with local organizations, the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation works tirelessly to improve the lives of children in Philadelphia and beyond.

Brent Celek philanthropy

“I believe in the power of giving back and using my platform to make a difference. Every child deserves a chance to soar, and that’s what we strive to provide through the Take Flight Foundation.” – Brent Celek

By focusing on education, health, and general well-being, the foundation seeks to create opportunities for children to thrive and reach their full potential. From scholarship programs to mentorship initiatives, Brent Celek and his foundation continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals.

Educational Programs

The Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation recognizes the importance of education in shaping a better future. To support this cause, the foundation offers various educational programs, including scholarship opportunities, tutoring services, and educational resources.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Another core aspect of the foundation’s work is promoting the health and well-being of children. Through partnerships with healthcare organizations, the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation organizes health clinics, wellness programs, and sports activities to instill healthy habits and inspire active lifestyles.

Community Outreach

Brent Celek’s commitment to the community extends beyond the initiatives of his foundation. He frequently participates in community outreach events, volunteering his time and effort to positively impact the lives of individuals in need. Whether it’s distributing meals, organizing charity drives, or visiting local schools, Brent Celek remains actively involved in uplifting the community.

Reaching New Heights

The philanthropic work of Brent Celek has touched the lives of countless children and families, providing them with hope, support, and opportunities for success. Through his foundation, Brent Celek continues to advocate for positive change, inspiring others to contribute to philanthropic endeavors and make a difference.

Impact Areas Key Initiatives
Education Scholarship programs, tutoring services, educational resources
Health and Wellness Health clinics, wellness programs, sports activities
Community Outreach Volunteering, charity drives, school visits


Brent Celek is widely regarded as one of the greatest tight ends in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. His exceptional skill set, dedication, and contributions to the team have firmly solidified his legacy among fans and within the organization.

Throughout his career, Celek showcased his remarkable talent both as a blocker and a receiver, making him an invaluable asset to the team. His toughness, resilience, and reliability on the field earned him unwavering support from Eagles fans, who recognized his unwavering commitment to the team’s success.

“Brent Celek is the epitome of a team player. He never shied away from putting in the hard work, sacrificing his body for the greater good of the team. His contributions to our Super Bowl victory will always be remembered,” said Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson.

Celek’s career accomplishments are equally impressive. He spent 11 seasons with the Eagles, earning the admiration of fans and respect from his peers. His versatility, athleticism, and football IQ allowed him to excel in crucial moments, playing a vital role in many of the team’s victories.

One of the highlights of Celek’s career was his instrumental role in the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win in 2017. His performance in that game showcased his exceptional skills as a receiver, helping to secure the team’s first-ever Super Bowl title.

Brent Celek legacy

Brent Celek Salary and Earnings

Brent Celek, a former NFL player, has achieved significant financial success throughout his career. His estimated net worth is around $15 million, with the majority of his wealth attributed to his earnings as a professional football player. During his peak years, Celek earned an impressive annual salary of approximately $4 million, placing him among the top earners in the league.

As a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Celek consistently showcased his skills on the field, contributing to the team’s success. His talent and dedication led to lucrative contracts and endorsements, further boosting his financial stability. Celek’s ability to excel in both blocking and receiving solidified his position as a valuable asset to the team, attracting substantial compensation.

Aside from his salary, Celek’s financial success can also be attributed to his astute financial management and investment choices. Like many professional athletes, he strategically allocated his earnings to various ventures, including real estate and other lucrative investments. This shrewd approach allowed him to diversify his portfolio and generate additional income.

“I have always been mindful of the importance of financial planning and securing my future beyond my playing days. It’s essential to make wise financial decisions and surround yourself with knowledgeable professionals to help navigate the complex financial landscape.”

Celek’s financial success not only provided him with a comfortable lifestyle but also allowed him to give back to his community through philanthropy. By establishing the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation, he has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of children in need, emphasizing the importance of using one’s success to make a difference.

Overall, Brent Celek’s impressive earnings and financial achievements are a testament to his dedication, talent, and business acumen. Beyond his accomplishments on the field, he has exemplified the importance of long-term financial planning and leveraging success to create a lasting legacy.

Brent Celek Salary and Earnings

The Early Years

Brent Celek had a successful college football career at the University of Cincinnati, where he showcased his talent and made a name for himself. He was an integral part of the university’s football team, making significant contributions both as a receiver and a blocker.

During his time at the University of Cincinnati, Brent Celek proved himself to be a standout player. He was named a First-Team All-Big East player, earning recognition for his exceptional skills and performance on the field. Celek’s dedication to the game and his commitment to his team were evident throughout his college career.

Over the course of his college football journey, Brent Celek accumulated impressive stats that solidified his status as a rising star in the sport. He recorded 91 receptions for 1,135 yards and 14 touchdowns, leaving a lasting impact on the University of Cincinnati football program.

It was during his college years that Celek began to attract attention from NFL scouts. His standout performances and remarkable skill set laid the foundation for what would become an illustrious professional career in the NFL.

Brent Celek early career
Brent Celek during his early college football career.


After dedicating his entire career to the Philadelphia Eagles, Brent Celek made the decision to retire from the NFL in 2018, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by fans and fellow players alike. Since retiring, Celek has shifted his focus towards his philanthropic work and spending quality time with his family.

“Retiring from the NFL was a bittersweet moment for me. Football has been such a huge part of my life, but I knew it was time to move on to the next chapter,” said Celek during his retirement announcement.

Celek’s retirement marked the end of an era, as he had spent his entire 11-season career with the Eagles. Known for his skills as a tight end, he played a significant role in the team’s success, including their historic Super Bowl win in 2017.

Since stepping away from professional football, Celek has dedicated himself to making a positive impact through his philanthropic endeavors. He has actively supported charitable causes and is deeply involved with the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation. Through his foundation, Celek aims to provide opportunities and resources to children in need, helping them achieve their full potential.

Beyond his philanthropy, Celek also values the time he spends with his family. After years of dedicating himself to his career, he cherishes the moments spent with his wife Susie and their two children.

The Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation

The Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation, established in 2011, focuses on empowering children and creating a lasting impact in their lives. Through various initiatives and partnerships, the foundation provides educational resources, mentorship programs, and access to sports activities, enabling children to unlock their full potential.

“I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and reach for their dreams. Through the Take Flight Foundation, we aim to make a meaningful difference in their lives and inspire them to overcome challenges,” remarked Celek.

Here is an overview of the impactful work done by the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation:

Program Description
Scholarship Program Provides financial assistance to deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education.
Mentorship Program Connects children with positive role models who guide and support them throughout their personal and academic journeys.
Sports Equipment Donations Supplies sports equipment to local schools and organizations, giving children access to sports activities and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Educational Resources Offers educational support, including tutoring and access to technology, to enhance the learning experience for underprivileged students.

The impact of the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation can be seen in the lives of the children it serves. By providing them with opportunities, resources, and support, the foundation aims to inspire them to reach for the stars and overcome any obstacles they may face.

In retirement, Brent Celek continues to leave a lasting impact off the field, making a difference in the lives of children and creating a legacy that extends far beyond the realm of football.

Brent Celek retirement


Brent Celek’s net worth of around $15 million is a testament to his successful NFL career and financial acumen. As one of the best tight ends in the Philadelphia Eagles’ history, he has left an indelible mark on the team and its fans. His contributions on the field, including his integral role in the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, solidify his legacy as a reliable and impactful player.

Off the field, Celek’s philanthropic work through the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation showcases his commitment to giving back to the community. Through this nonprofit organization, he provides essential resources and opportunities for children in need. Celek’s dedication to making a positive impact off the field exemplifies his character and generosity.

Although Brent Celek has retired from professional football, his influence remains strong. He continues to be respected both for his athletic accomplishments and his involvement in charitable endeavors. With a remarkable net worth, an esteemed NFL career, and a heart for philanthropy, Brent Celek has secured his place as a remarkable individual in the world of sports and beyond.


What is Brent Celek’s net worth?

As of 2021, Brent Celek’s net worth is estimated to be around million.

How much did Brent Celek earn during his NFL career?

Brent Celek earned an annual salary of around million during his peak years in the NFL.

What is Brent Celek’s career earnings?

Brent Celek earned most of his money from his long NFL career, accumulating a substantial fortune of around million.

Has Brent Celek made any investments or financial ventures?

There is no public information available about Brent Celek’s specific investments or financial ventures.

What is the financial status of Brent Celek?

With an estimated net worth of million, Brent Celek enjoys a comfortable financial status.

How did Brent Celek accumulate his wealth?

Brent Celek earned most of his wealth from his successful NFL career, where he played as a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Does Brent Celek have any other assets or properties?

Apart from his real estate ventures, there is no public information available about any additional assets or properties owned by Brent Celek.

What philanthropic work is Brent Celek involved in?

Brent Celek started the Brent Celek Take Flight Foundation in 2011, a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities and resources for children in need.

What is Brent Celek’s legacy in the NFL?

Brent Celek is considered one of the best tight ends in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his role in the team’s Super Bowl-winning campaign has cemented his legacy as a fan favorite.

What were Brent Celek’s annual salaries during his NFL career?

At his peak, Brent Celek earned an annual salary of around million during his time in the NFL.

What were Brent Celek’s achievements during his college football career?

Brent Celek had a successful college football career at the University of Cincinnati, earning the title of a First-Team All-Big East player and finishing with impressive stats.

When did Brent Celek retire from the NFL?

Brent Celek announced his retirement from the NFL in 2018 after spending his entire career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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