Last week the Harvard presidency job was offered to Obama. He deferred the suggestion. Didn’t outright reject. Deferred.

’94 I met hotshot law student Barack. We shared literary agent Jane Dystel who rep’d the biggies. Her dad, Oscar, the power of Bantam, created the pocketbooks concept. Jane rep’d unknown Obama’s ’95 book “Dreams of My Father,” which sold no place.

She babysat it. He became known. Her edited, newly rejuiced version sold like the Bible. His gratitude? He told me, “I am cool, never sweat, never nervous.” Turning on her professionally, financially, he went to Clinton’s book agent.

Michelle gave him permission to run for president. Now he’s pushing her.

The plan: Indictments tie DJT up in court. Obama — whose presidency began the far left/anti-Israel/pro-Iran shift — back in control. Obama people are White House staffers.

High level pols deny Michelle’s a candidate — despite people involved saying it. Supposedly this information’s firsthand. So, believe it or not.

A survey to several Dem donors admitted that summer 2022, Michelle met top NYC execs saying, “I’d like your support.” Replacing placeholder Joe was not to be revealed until late May, when he’d drop out.

 A general view of Harvard University campus is seen on April 22, 2020 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard has fallen under criticism after saying it would keep the $8.6 million in stimulus funding the university received from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Harvard University could hire President Barack Obama as its next president. Getty Images

From White House people (not a rumor): Barack told Biden he cannot run — but no announcement until late May. Timed so no lame duck too soon. It’s no one else.

Also planned: Elect Adam BullSchiff to the Senate, pass his radical left agenda, solidify by expansion of four seats, end filibusters, make mail and ballot harvesting a national law — plus other assorted rulings.

Her early reviews are in

Talk this week of Michelle as a maybe White House maybe brought these exact Internet comments which had to be cut down in spots:

“Barack did zip for the black working class so she only gets half the black females. Black males in the South vote for jobs not handouts. She’ll have to ‘depend on the dead vote.’ ”

“Super liberal, self-confessed American hating, black female. Haven’t forgotten [Michelle saying] ‘for the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country.’ She’d be worse and this country would be unrecognizable.”

“Better Sanders than her!”

“Hates America. Trump will crush her like a cockroach.”

“She’d cut off defenses to Israel who will have no choice but to use nuclear warheads against Muslim states that seek its destruction, thereby starting World War III.”

“They wouldn’t risk it. She’d have to disclose all their financial details.”

“Qualified to run a country . . . into the ground!”

“Look at destruction Obama’s puppet master Biden caused. Millions of [migrants], billions to Iran, wars everywhere, prices up hundreds!! Trump loves America, Obamas hate.”

Our country ’tis of we. America the Beautiful — one for all and all for one. A divided nation who love this Land of Ours.

God Bless America.


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