"Love on the Right Course"


“Love on the Right Course”

The Hallmark Channel’s first new January 2024 movie, “Love on the Right Course,” premieres on Saturday, January 6, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Ashley Newbrough and Marcus Rosner. Read on to learn more details about where the movie was filmed and the cast involved.

‘Love on the Right Course’ Was Filmed in Budapest in July

"Love on the Right Course"

Hallmark“Love on the Right Course”

According to IMDb, “Love on the Right Course” was shot on location in Budapest, Hungary. Based on Rosner’s Instagram posts, it was filmed there back in July.

Director Stefan Scaini took to Instagram to share his excitement about a new crew member for the movie, writing: “We managed to steal award winning designer Perrine Lejeune from Belgium to join us here in Budapest for our next film.”

He also shared beautiful pictures of when he was location scouting in Budapest.

“Sooo…this is where I’m doing my next movie. Thank you @britbristow, @agnes.bristow & @leifbristow for including me in your passion project,” he wrote in another post.

Rosner talked about his experience watching his movie.

“It’s one of the best @hallmarkchannel projects I’ve been a part of and easily the most beautiful,” he shared. “Plus it combines two of my favourite things – travel and sports. Legitimately excited for everyone to see this movie this Saturday. ⛳️”

He also posted a lot of videos and pictures while on set.

“Budapest Dump #1 ⛳️” he wrote. “Sometimes you get to go on some pretty amazing adventures in this privileged career we have. Shooting this past month in Budapest, Hungary was definitely one of those.”

He also said very lovely words about director Stefan Scaini, writing in part: “Shoutout our Director Stefan Scaini @scainprod who I had the pleasure of working with for the first (and hopefully not last) time. I dragged my jet lagged self onto set that first week and it was his awesome energy that propelled me through. Stefan has been directing all over Europe and it’s hard to imagine someone better equipped to leap into a new environment and lead with grace.”

Rosner shared a lot of posts on Instagram while they were filming in Hungary.

“Let’s stick up the world and split it 50/50…🎶” he wrote in another post.

He also has been really busy lately! He revealed that he had wrapped up one project in Vancouver at midnight on a Friday and was already filming this movie in Budapest the next Monday morning.

“6 months today that I took that bloody brace off,” he wrote in the same post. “Those 6 weeks I spent on the couch wondering if I’d ever regain full mobility drove me absolutely insane. I swore if I got back to what I was that I’d spend the rest of my life running. I don’t know if that’ll be true but I’m gonna keep going until the wheels fall off. I went crazy in that brace and I’ve been that way ever since. 😈⏰🌎”

Newbrough posted on Instagram about her experience as well.

“Heart chakra territory 🌞” she wrote in another post.

“A bridge in BUDAPEST” she shared in another post.

Actor Steve Byers had a hilarious series of pictures about a piece of bread in Hungary and messages he was getting from Newbrough.

“This is the story of Bela,” he wrote. “A piece of bread that lived in between the 6th and 5th floors of a hotel in Budapest. We met one day on my travels and I decided to give her a name. I would check on her daily and she was a constant in a crazy place. She had a piece of my heart. Even after I left the city, my legendary friends @ashleynewbrough and @britbristow would do wellness checks on her. Then…. While I knew it was inevitable, Bela was gone. RIP Bela Bread 2023”

“Another world,” Byers wrote in a different post.

Meet the Cast

"Love on the Right Course"

Hallmark“Love on the Right Course”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “A professional golfer suffers a series of setbacks and returns home to Budapest to reevaluate her future in the sport. While there, a golf pro helps her rediscover herself and find love.“

Ashley Newbrough plays Whitney in the movie. According to her bio, she gained a lot of attention from fans when she starred as Sage Baker in The CW’s “Privileged.” Newbrough’s career took off after she had recurring roles in TV shows like “Rent A Goalie,” “1-800 Missing,” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” More recently, she took on lead roles in three films produced by Jack Nasser: “Valentine’s Day Competition,” “Flowers and Honey,” and “Blue Moon Ball.” Her TV credits extend to a recurring role on ABC’s “Mistresses” and lead roles in numerous TV movies on Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, such as “Christmas Love Letter,” “Love Under the Stars,” “Small Town Christmas,” and “Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance.”

Marcus Rosner stars as Daniel in the movie. He’s made notable appearances on various TV shows, including Syfy’s “Continuum,” The CW’s “Arrow” and “Supernatural,” and ABC’s “Mistresses.” He also held recurring roles in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart,” Bravo’s “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” and Lifetime’s acclaimed series “UnREAL.” Beyond his extensive TV show credits, Rosner is a prominent leading man on the Hallmark Channel, recently featuring in “Notes of Autumn” and “Romance to the Rescue.”

Outside of acting, Rosner dedicates much of his time to running his production company, Northern Gateway Films, alongside partners Dylan Pearce and Andrew Scholotiuk in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

Also starring in the movie, according to Hallmark’s press release, are:

  • Roy McCrerey (Marton)
  • Katalin Ruzsik (Zsuzsanna)
  • Evelin Dobos (Bianka)
  • Steve Byers (Andrew)
  • Adam Boncz (Laszlo)
  • Barbara Xantus (Maria)
  • Barbara Szitas (Viktoria)
  • Zsolt Bognár (Kristof)
  • Joe Horn (Tamas)
  • Mark Zecchino (Himself)
  • Lorena Somogyi (Iona)
  • Kara Wagland (Herself)
  • Brittany Bristow (Brooke)

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