Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai animated series from co-creators Amber Noizumi and Michael Green has turned out to be one of this year’s surprise hits, and the streamer already has plans to keep the momentum going with a second season.

Blue Eye Samurai’s season 1 finale made it fairly obvious that Noizumi and Green still have plenty of stories left to tell with Maya Erskine’s Mizu, a biracial samurai who takes it upon herself to rid Japan of white foreigners during the nation’s Edo period. Today, though, Netflix officially announced that it has renewed the series for a second season that will presumably follow Mizu as she and her captive Fowler (Kenneth Branagh) make their way to London in pursuit of the men she intends to kill.

In a statement about the renewal, Noizumi and Green promised that Mizu “has a lot more blood to spill,” and thanked the rest of Blue Eye Samurai’s creative team for helping them realize their vision for the show.

“When we started this project, we made a commitment to take this very personal story set in Edo-period Japan and bring it to life in the most authentic and beautiful way possible,” the pair said. “We are thankful to our entire team and to our viewers from all over the world who have shown such passion for Mizu and her path of revenge.”

Currently, no details about the plot of Blue Eye Samurai’s second season or when the show will restart production have been announced, but the series’s first season is currently streaming on Netflix.


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